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I'm Justin and I was born and raised in SE Texas. My passion for fishing blossomed amid the serene waters of Lake Sam Rayburn. Fishing and Hunting became more than just a hobby; it became my escape and a source of tranquility that alleviated stress, tensions, and allowed me to truly experience all of Gods glory!

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My Story

On a fateful day, May 31, 2010, Justin was living his dream on a local lake, indulging in his favorite activity—fishing. However, fate had a different plan. An unexpected dive into shallower waters caused a life-altering injury. Paralyzed and numb from the waist down due to an injury at the C5-C6 level of his spinal cord, Justin was immediately rushed to Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center and later transferred to TIRR Memorial Hermann for inpatient rehabilitation care.

Throughout his journey to recovery, Justin's therapy team at TIRR Memorial Hermann conducted intensive occupational and physical therapy, starting with hand activities to regain lost muscle strength. Determined to regain his independence, Justin's therapy team ensured he had the most suitable equipment including the latest recreational therapy items available at the time.

Grateful for the support and belief his therapy team invested in him, Justin credits them with helping him regain independence. Through two inpatient therapy phases and outpatient rehabilitation at the Kirby Glen Center, Justin forged meaningful connections with therapists, physicians, and fellow patients.

Embracing a new mindset during his time at TIRR Memorial Hermann, Justin resolved to make the most of his circumstances. He was determined to become independent again, regain his strength, and reclaim what he termed "normal" life.

Against all odds, Justin achieved his goals, learning to fish, drive, work, and live independently while modifying his wheelchair with whatever modifications were necessary to get the job done. He returned to work as a Senior Certified Welding Inspector shortly after rehab.

Justin's unwavering spirit and adaptability made him a resource for others with spinal cord injuries by showcasing all kinds of adaptive fishing techniques and equipment. As part of a research project by TIRR Memorial Hermann physical therapists, Justin is featured in a video alongside other individuals with spinal cord injuries demonstrating the joy he found through fishing. Justin is still to this day serving others by mentoring newly injured patients at the hospital on adaptive fishing and outdoor recreation through the TIRR PEER program.

Reflecting on his rehabilitation journey, Justin shares, "I began rehabilitation thinking I would not be able to do anything again, but that wasn't true. It's about learning how to work through your limitations and find other ways to accomplish your goals."

With a newfound sense of purpose, Justin looks forward to many more years of fishing and traveling with his wife, cherishing the freedom he has regained and inspiring others to embrace life's challenges with tenacity and resilience.

Through his remarkable journey, Justin remains an epitome of courage and determination, showing the world that setbacks can be stepping stones to new horizons. His passion for fishing has not only offered him solace but has become a conduit to empower others and pave the way for accessible recreation for those with similar challenges. As a beacon of hope, Justin's story continues to inspire and motivate individuals worldwide, proving that with the right mindset, anything is attainable.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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